Kitesurfing Djerba }

It is a shallow water lagoon of 40 square KM,It is safe because of the flat water and limited by a spit of land, so you cannot be blow away into the open sea.

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Windsurfing Djerba }

Djerba has ideal conditions of wind and weather. Wind of 4 Bft. guarantee the best prerequisite for learning windsurfing

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Sailing Djerba }

Learning catamaran sailing has never been that easy.You can learn the basics of this type of sport in a few hours

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Welcome to Paradise

On Djerba you will find one of the best places for watersports around the Mediterranean Sea. Best wind conditions all year long will pump you up!
On Djerba Island the wind conditions are great, 3 to 5 Bft. on regular basis makes Djerba an excellent spot for all watersports.

Learn KITESURFING Very Quickly Without Risk

The Kitesurfing School is located on the South-East coast of the island. It’s an incredible lagoon of 40 Square KM with flat and shallow water. You will learn this sport very quickly without risk.

Quick Success

VDS-, VDWS-, Kiteschool with English-, French-, German- and Italian-speaking teachers.  Our pupils are  aged between 9 and 70 years. They have learned kite surfing quickly and safely.

Welcome to the Water sports Center Les Dauphins Djerba, in Tunisia

Fascination Kitesurfing

The number of people, who come to Djerba in order to learn kitesurfing increases year after year and countless people have learned kitesurfing in our school.
Some of our teachers are already working with us since the founding of the school. So they have a lot of experience.
The wind conditions on Djerba are excellent.

Windsurfing –  With the Wind in Your Hand

Ideal wind and weather conditions offer you the best conditions. Sailing with the wind in your hand, which is still surfing. Winds at 4 knots. guarantee you a fast and flat water learning – The focus of the course is practical – so from the beginning on you experience the direct contact with the elements of wind and water.

Catamaran Sailing

The Sport Catamaran is a sports equipment which demands fast reactions and skill. The rapid speeds which are already achieved in light winds and some other maneuvering require specific knowledge and skills.

You are looking for a challenge?

Then dabble in our events!

Our Kiteweeks

The Kiteweek is the most intensive way to learn kitesurfing. In 3 days of training and 3 days of intensive training you learn kitesurfing gradually in all important elements.

Our Sailing Events

There are twice a year and organizes Schulung- Catamaran Regatta training together with the sailing school Mövenstein in Hotel Calimera or Hotel Diana Rimel.

Customer Comments

I just came back from Djerba. I  like to thank the staff of the kite school. They were really all good, especially natural Ali, who has taught me in kitesurfing with a a lot of patience and knowledge. In the past I had already  a teacher who has been an excellent kiter, but he was not a good teacher for beginners and their needs. If possible, I would like to come back in November or April / May

I arrived yesterday in Germany. By this way, I would like to thank you again for the really great week! It would be nice if you could give my greetings to Muldi and the other teachers

By this I want to thank for the Super Kiteweek !!! We met us on the first day.  But nevertheless the lesson was a complete success for me. This has of course been  success of your instructor !!! Joe (Jilani) is an excellent instructor !!! The collaboration of the whole team has been super! Through the experience and the patience of Joe, and a little bit of my grasp :-) I have finished the lesson with the license of Level. 5  The flat water of the kite spot is super. I will come back definitely !!! Until then I wish you and your team continued success. Nice greetings to all (not Forget the Joe :-))

Dream area for beginners who want learn kitesurfing! I’ve seen anywhere else so good trainers, who provide their students with the appropriate material and have the necessary knowledge and skills! I I have done two lessons before on Fuerteventura and in Egypt, and regret that I did not first come to Djerba. All ,who are already advanced kiters and might want to practice the one or the another trick find here  a super big and safe training area. After 14 days, I am convinced of the lagoon and the school, so that this was not my last vacation on Djerba !! Here at the kitespot I have met just super nice and relaxed people and I hope that this will continue!